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E-Fatura Saudia Arabia




Saudi Arabia


$9000 USD


12 June 2022


FutureTech, a fintech company based in Riyadh, recognized the need to improve the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of their flagship product, E-fatura. With a growing user base and increasing competition in the fintech sector, FutureTech aimed to reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and enhance overall user engagement to remain competitive in the market


Atlas Solutions collaborated with FutureTech to enhance the UI/UX of E-fatura by optimizing user flows, simplifying navigation, and improving visual appeal. Through collaborative workshops and user feedback sessions, they identified key pain points, informing the redesign. Additionally, Atlas Solutions produced a captivating animated marketing video in Arabic, showcasing E-fatura’s features and benefits to target audiences with engaging visuals and clear messaging.


The collaboration between Atlas Solutions and FutureTech yielded significant results:
Lower Bounce Rate: The revamped UI/UX design led to a notable decrease in bounce rates as users found the platform more intuitive and user-friendly.
Increased Conversion: The improved user experience and streamlined navigation contributed to higher conversion rates, with more users completing desired actions on the platform.
Higher Engagement: The animated marketing video in Arabic effectively captured the attention of the target audience, resulting in increased engagement and interest in E-fatura among potential users

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