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Paid Ads Optimization





Saudi Arabia


$950 USD


18 july 2020


Hadith of the Day (HOTD), a non-profit organization dedicated to educational activities, sought to increase submissions for their daily newsletter and boost donations to support their cause. With limited resources and a desire to maximize impact, they needed an effective marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and drive engagement


Atlas Solutions partnered with HOTD to develop and execute a targeted paid ad marketing campaign aimed at expanding their reach and encouraging audience participation. Leveraging comprehensive audience insights and strategic ad placement, Atlas Solutions crafted compelling ad creatives tailored to HOTD’s mission and values.


Through strategic ad placement and captivating storytelling, Atlas Solutions achieved remarkable results for HOTD:

  •  More than 3 million impressions generated across various digital platforms, significantly increasing brand visibility and awareness.  Submissions for HOTD’s daily newsletter surged, with a notable uptick in audience engagement and interaction.
  •  Donations to HOTD increased, providing vital financial support for their ongoing rescue and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Enhanced brand reputation and credibility within the educational community, positioning HOTD as a trusted advocate for education.

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