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How Does Pinterest Algorithm Work In 2024? 19 Expert Strategies for Dominating the Platform


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If you are starting out on Pinterest your biggest question would be how does the Pinterest algorithm work?

Pinterest has its position as a powerhouse among social media platforms in 2024. With over 5 billion searches monthly in the U.S. Its potential for your business or personal brand cannot be neglected.

If your business is not using Pinterest you are likely missing out on many opportunities. Pinterest trends sustain a 21% longer monthly growth compared to other social media trends. This can definitely give you an Idea of the potential Pinterest holds.

With the introduction of innovative features like the try-on shopping option, Pinterest’s e-commerce is growing fast.

Pinterest attracts 444 million users every month. Understanding the Pinterest algorithm will help you drive genuine traffic to your website or blog.

In 2024, Pinterest remains one of the most important places for inspiration and discovery, influencing purchasing decisions for 89% of U.S. consumers

If you are new to Pinterest it might be difficult for you to understand how does the Pinterest algorithm work but hey! Don’t worry we will guide you through each and every step.

If you have used Pinterest in the past there is a chance that your strategies might be outdated.

This blog is your comprehensive guide to understanding how does Pinterest algorithm work, how you can rank high on Pinterest, and tips to beat the Pinterest Algorithm.

How does the pinterest algorithm work

What Is Pinterest Algorithm?

You might have seen that Pinterest shows you content that is similar to what you have already engaged with. That right there my friend is the Pinterest algorithm.

Similar to other platforms Pinterest tries to show their users the most relevant content that matches with past interactions, searches, and board activity of the user.

For instance, beauty enthusiasts are likely to encounter beauty-related content tailored to their interests, while DIY aficionados will encounter pins and boards within the same niche.

It is often times mistaken for a conventional social network, Pinterest operates as a graphical search engine. Understanding its fundamental SEO principles is important, as content rankings are influenced by specific criteria.

To optimize visibility within the Pinterest algorithm:

  1. Utilize high-quality images to enhance visual appeal.
  2. Incorporate relevant keywords in pin descriptions to improve searchability.
  3. Maintain an active presence on the platform and engage with other users.
  4. Engage with other accounts in your niche to increase visibility within users’ feeds.
pinterest app on an ipad with jucies on the side and donuts

How Does the Pinterest Algorithm Work?

The Pinterest algorithm functions the same way as a search engine like Google or Bing, considering essential SEO tactics such as keywords to determine pin rankings.

 It also incorporates elements from traditional social media platforms like taking into account user behavior like saved pins, engagement, and searches to showcase the most relevant content.

When users search on Pinterest, the algorithm works to present pins aligned with their interests. While the exact ranking factors remain somewhat elusive, key considerations include the user’s search query, their activity within the platform, and the content of the pin itself.

Pinterest maintains a level of transparency regarding its algorithm, though it undergoes continuous refinement to enhance user experience.

Similar to Google’s approach, the algorithm prioritizes factors like domain authority, pin engagement, user quality, and overall relevance.

Four primary factors guide the Pinterest algorithm:

1.      Domain Quality

Domain quality simply means how trusted your website is in the eyes of Pinterest.

Just like how Google checks websites to see how good they are, Pinterest also checks the quality of the website linked to a pin. When people click on a pin and visit your website, Pinterest notices.

If they like what they see and spend time exploring your site, Pinterest gives your pin a push. This means that the more people like and visit your website from Pinterest, the more Pinterest will show your content to others.

If people click through to your website and spend them exploring the website your domain quality will automatically increase on Pinterest.

To make Pinterest think your website is fantastic, you can take some steps:

Switch to a business account: This helps you see stats about your pins and how many people are visiting your website. It also shows Pinterest that you are active and trustworthy.

Claim your website: This tells Pinterest that you own the website, making your pins more credible.

Use Rich Pins: These pins send extra information from your website to Pinterest. They stay updated, which keeps your content fresh.

Pin regularly: Pinning often shows Pinterest that you are active and engaged with the platform.

Share top-notch content: If your pins are popular and people like them, Pinterest will show them to more users. So, make sure your content is great and up-to-date.

how does pinterest work?

2.      Pin Quality

Pinterest evaluates the quality of each pin based on its engagement metrics, including comments, saves, likes, and shares. Pins that receive higher engagement rank higher within the algorithm. You aim should be to provide value, entertainment or education to users to make them engage with your Pin.

Improving pin quality involves:
  1. Crafting Compelling Titles: Create eye-catching titles that capture the attention of your target audience and make a strong first impression.
  2. Using High-Quality Images: Opt for high-quality images or videos to enhance visual appeal and captivate your audience. You can use your own images or use websites like Canva and Freepik to source relevant copyright-free images.
  3. Employing the Right Image Size: Ensure your pins adhere to the recommended size of 1000 x 1500 pixels for optimal display and engagement.
  4. Share your Pins: Share your pins to other relevant platforms so people can come to Pinterest and leave a Like on your Pin. The more likes you have the higher the chances of your Pin being promoted by Pinterest.

3.      Pinner Quality

Pinterest not only evaluates the quality of your content but also evaluates you as an individual. Pinner quality basically identifies your behavior on Pinterest and accordingly ranks your content. There are four important factors that evaluate Pinners quality which are:

  • How often you post new pins: You don’t need to post new pins each and every day but make sure that you have a consistent schedule that you are sticking to.
  • How much interaction your pins get: The aim of any social media platform is to make people stay for as long as possible so if your Pin achieves that it will be considered a quality pin.
  • How Much You Engage: It’s not only about posting content on Pinterest if you want the algorithm to favor you try to engage with other relevant accounts in your niche.
  • You Don’t Post And Disappear: To make the Pinterest algorithm favor you it is important to have an active account. You have to prove that you want to grow on the platform to get promoted organically.

Another thing that highlights pinners quality is the type of content you post. If you want to stay ahead of people it is important to identify trends early on in your industry and make content related to that.

4.      Topic Relevance

The goal of the Pinterest algorithm is to show to most relevant content to users based on their recent activity. Just like Google the algorithm analyzes your keywords, descriptions and board names to know what your content is about.

To make sure that your pin reaches the right audience it is important to optimize your pins. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Research Keywords: You want people to see your pins right? Include keywords that people will search for when searching for something similar to your pin. The best way to find this out is to search for your product, service, or content related words on Pinterest.

Analyze the top pins and see what keywords they are using and you can use something similar to that.

  • Include Keywords in Your Bio: To let Pinterest know what your account is all about it is important to use relevant keywords in your bio. For example if you post healthy dishes on Pinterest you can use words like healthy diet, keto diet, nutritious food etc.
  • Keywords In Boards: Your board names should not be all over the place like the name of your pets. Your board names should be short and should include your keywords. Taking the same example from above each keyword we mentioned can be a board name.
  • Don’t Post Everything: To have topic relevance it is important that you stick to a specific niche. If you like cooking and sports you can create different accounts for each.
  • For example in the image below this person has used the keyword “home organization” in both their name and description giving her more visibility on Pinterest.

If you post about multiple things on your account it will confuse the algorithm and your pins will end up being seen only by you.

using keywords on Pinterest

5.      Engagement

This is an important metric that you should be trying to achieve. Pinterest will promote posts that are liked, commented or shared by people. You have to create engaging pins that people would want to share or save. This will signal to the algorithm that this post is great and should get more eyeballs.

To make engaging pins you can study your competitors. If you already have some posts up on Pinterest you can check their analytics to see which one worked best. You can create more identical posts to the ones that are performing well.

Pinterest algorithm

How To Beat Pinterest Algorithm?

Now that you know what are the key ranking factors on Pinterest it’s time to create those awesome Pins and make your pins go viral. Here are the exact steps you need to dominate the Pinterest algorithm.

Just like other platforms Pinterest SEO is constantly changing so make sure that wherever you are learning Pinterest from has the latest information.

1.     Switch to Business Account

According to Pinterest rules if you use Pinterest for commercial purposes it is important to switch your account to a business account. According to our research Pinterest business accounts get way more reach compared to a normal account.

Switching to business accounts gives you several benefits. The first and most important one is that the Pinterest algorithm will favor your content more.

You also get the ability to run ads on Pinterest so if you want to promote your pins you must get a business account.

You get access to analytics and rich pins. Analytics will help you make informed decisions while rich pins will increase your reach.

You also get the ability to add a link to your website which makes your account look more authentic and helps you get more traffic.

And hey! Get a business account on Pinterest is free so why not?

To get a business account simply go to the account settings.

Click on account management and then click switch to a business account.

Now you have a business account on Pinterest. That was quick right?

how to get business profile on Pinterest. go to account management and click convert to business

2.     Verified Pinterest Account

When your Pinterest account gets verified a red checkmark will appear next to your name. If you have a blur tick mark it shows that you are a verified merchant while a red one shows that you are trusted in the eyes of Pinterest algorithm.

You cannot request Pinterest to add this to your account. Pinterest takes full control of who to verify and who not to verify. But you can take a few steps like posting high quality and adding your website to Pinterest to get a chance for that checkmark.

3.     Claim Your Website

Clamming your website tells Pinterest that the account is authentic and they mean business! Clamming your website might give your account some extra reach but we don’t have any direct evidence to support this.

To claim your website go to your settings tab and click on claimed accounts. There simply click on claim website. You will get a bunch of options. You can do these yourself or can take help from a developer. Either way it will only take about 3 minutes to claim your website on Pinterest.

4.     Pin Content That People Will Enjoy

If you want to stand out you will have to go an extra mile. That is not only for Pinterest but for any social media or search engine out there. You shouldn’t create content on Pinterest just for the sake of quantity.

As we already discussed engagement is an important metric in Pinterest algorithm. You have to study your competitors and audience to know exactly what they will enjoy.

The benefit of good content is that even if a few people see and interact with your content you will have a chance to grow further.

On the other hand content will get an initial boost and if no one engages with it then it might not even reach another person.

Pinterest app on an Ipad

5.     Use Relevant Keywords

There is no running away from keywords when it comes to Pinterest algorithm. People view Pinterest as a social media platform while in reality it is more of a search engine.

You have to make sure that you include specific terms in your titles, description and text overlays that people are searching for. You can add keywords in the following places:

  • Pins
  • Boards
  • Description
  • Pins Description
  • Blog Post Keywords
  • Profile Bio
using keywords on Pinterest boards to beat pinterest algorithm

Make sure that you do not get yourself into trouble by stuffing too many keywords in your titles or descriptions. Use your main keyword and its variations once in your title and descriptions. If the keywords come in naturally more than once you can use them.

Keyword stuffing might mark you as spam in the eyes of Pinterest algorithm.

7.     Research Keywords

Now you might say ok I will use keywords but where do I find these keywords. The first and most easy way is to use the Pinterest search bar. When you type in a word it will automatically give you suggestions. All these suggestions are your possible keywords.

You can also use Google keyword planner to find relevant keywords related to your niche. Make sure that the keyword you are using has some search volume or your pins might just be sitting there. I would recommend you to go for keywords that has high search volume and low competition.

Go for more long tail keywords as these are usually unexplored by the bigger fishes in your niche.

You can also use Google trends to find trending keywords in your niche. If you have budget then you can move to paid tools like Ashrefs and SEMRush.

Start with free tools and once you see that you are getting traction you can then level up your Pinterest game.

Pinterest keywords research

6.     Choose Hashtags Within Your Niche

Hashtags have been important on many platforms to get you great reach and Pinterest is no different. Hashtags can give an additional signal to Pinterest algorithm about your content. While you can use upto 20 hashtags on Pinterest we would recommend you to stick to around 3 – 4 hashtags.

Using too many hashtags might confuse the algorithm and even worse can mark you as spam on Pinterest and that’s not what you want.

7.     Post Fresh Content 

If you don’t post on Pinterest for too long the Pinterest algorithm will not favor you. Whenever new content is added to Pinterest the algorithm will push down the old content that is not performing and will give a chance to the new one.

You have to make sure that you show up according to your schedule or else you wont master the Pinterest algorithm.

Posting fresh content means:

  • Posting new pins (that’s obvious)
  • Adding new pins to your boards. This doesn’t necessarily need to be your own content.
  • Using different styles of content such as videos and idea pins and carousels.
  • New descriptions and video overlays.

8.     Utilize Pinterest Features

Pinterest offers a ton of features for different kinds of needs. For example you can use the product tagging feature to link products in your images to your website.

If you have a lot of information to share you can use the Pinterest carousel feature. The catalog feature takes products from your website and features them on the Pinterest shop.

Pinterest algorithm promotes accounts that use new features so make sure you are utilizing new features that are introduced on Pinterest.

9.     Leverage Trends

Pinterest is highly driven by trends. If you see a topic trending on other social media platforms most likely it will be getting attention on Pinterest too.

You should hop onto Pinterest trends and search by keyword to find relevant trends in your niche. Using trends is a quick way to make the algorithm work for you.

Pinterest also releases the Predict every year where they tell us about what is most probably going to be trending in the year. You can study the upcoming trends and get ready for those before your competition does.

10.  Create Captivating Visuals

This one is easy! If you want more people to see your content you have to create something that is eye catching. Creating captivating visuals is not as hard as it used to be. With tools like Canva you can create stunning pins within minutes.

If your pins are not eye catching or entertaining no one is going to save it, repin it or share it and they won’t follow you either. This will send a negative signal to the Pinterest algorithm.

Pins with great visuals are more likely to repinned by other users and hence will give you more exposure. Here are a few guidelines to help you get the best visuals:

  • Stick to a color scheme to make your images look branded.
  • Use 2:3 aspect ratio.
  • Use images that are high quality.
  • Include text overlays if you are using videos.
  • Include a call to action in your pins.

11.  Embrace Quality Over Quantity

Most of the Pinterest users fall into this trap. They create many pins and compromise on quality. While you might get a short term luck with this approach but in the long term you will most likely going to see a downward trend in your Pinterest analytics.

While Pinterest recommends no more than 25 pins per day that might not be possible for you to create. I would recommend taking a day out to focus on creating pins and then schedule them throughout the week. This way you will have created high quality pins and also remain consistent.

12.  Rich Pins

Rich pins are great for you if you run an E-commerce store. Once you have installed the HTML code for rich pins on your website all the product data will be synced with Pinterest.

The best thing about rich pins is that if you update prices or descriptions on your website the rich pin will be automatically updated on Pinterest as well.

Rich pins also take up more space on the Pinterest feed meaning there is a higher chance for engagements with rich pins.

You can use rich pins for recipes, articles and products.

13.  Format Images

85% of the traffic on Pinterest comes from mobile devices. This means if your pins do not show up in the right format you might miss 85% of the potential audience. Using the right dimension of images and videos is crucial if you want your pins to get noticed.

The ideal aspect ratio for pins is 2:3 or a size of 1,000 by 1,500. You want to utilize the space on Pinterest feed to get the best results. In simple words your pins should be in vertical format for Pinterest algorithm to promote them.

Here is an example of the type of image you can post on Pinterest.

14.  Use Analytics

Pinterest analytics are like a cheat sheet for you. They give you information about your best performing content and along with that give you data about which search terms are showing your content.

These analytics will help you create a strategy based on data and as we say data never lies. These decisions will be more informed and will give you better results.

15.  Grab Attention Right Away

People have short attention spans nowadays this means if you don’t get their attention at the beginning you probably will never get a chance again.

Along with captivating visuals it is important that you have a strong hook in both your images and videos or you can make a bold claim. Either way you have to convince your reader to click and explore further.

16.  Add a Text Overlay 

Text overlays are a great way to add context to videos and they also are trending now adays. Text overlays can be analyzed by the Pinterest algorithm and can help them categories your content better.

17.  Make Content Worth Saving 

If you are in any niche there is a chance to create informational content. Try to add content that solves a problem or query. This will help you get more saves on your pins and hence your account will get a boost.

So when creating your next piece of content think how you can add information that people will want to save.

18.  Add Pinterest Tags On Your Website

A Pinterest tag helps you track data of users who come to your website via Pinterest. This includes the time they spend on your website and the actions they take on your website.

While this may not directly affect your Pinterest SEO it can give you an idea of what is resonating more with your audience.

19.  Analyze The Needs Of Users

You can’t just create content based on your gut feeling. You have to analyze what the users are searching for on Pinterest and then create your content to answer questions and solve problems.

The best way to do this is to plug your keyword into the Pinterest search bar. You will see all the relevant things that people are searching for. Now all these things are content ideas for you and this will be the content that your ideal audience will want to see.

Even better you can create boards dedicated to each of the keywords. This way when people search these things your whole board will have a chance to appear in the search results.


Understanding the Pinterest algorithm is key to thriving on the platform in 2024. By grasping how it works and implementing expert strategies, you can unlock the full potential of Pinterest for your brand or business.

From optimizing pin quality to leveraging domain authority, each aspect of the algorithm plays a crucial role in determining your visibility and success on Pinterest.

Consistency, engagement, and providing valuable content are essential components of a winning Pinterest strategy.

Remember, Pinterest is not just a social media platform—it’s a visual search engine where creativity and innovation will help you win. By staying informed about algorithm updates, experimenting with different tactics, and staying true to your brand’s identity, you can dominate the platform and drive meaningful results.


How do you train Pinterest algorithm?

You train the Pinterest algorithm by consistently pinning high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and utilizing keywords in pin descriptions.

How does Pinterest choose your feed?

Pinterest chooses your feed based on your interests, past interactions, and engagement with pins. It tailors your feed to show content it thinks you’ll find relevant and engaging.

How to get more views on Pinterest?

To get more views on Pinterest, focus on creating visually appealing pins, using relevant keywords, joining group boards, and engaging with other users’ content.

How do I increase Pinterest engagement in 2024?

To increase Pinterest engagement in 2024, regularly pin fresh content, interact with your audience through comments and messages, and participate in collaborative boards.

How Many Pinterest Boards Should You Have?

The number of Pinterest boards you have depends on your content strategy and niche. Generally, aim for a balance between quantity and quality, focusing on boards that align with your audience’s interests.

Do views matter on Pinterest?

Yes, views matter on Pinterest as they indicate the reach and visibility of your pins. However, engagement metrics like saves, clicks, and comments are also crucial for measuring success on the platform.