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How To Become a Pinterest Manager in 2024


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Do you want to learn how to become a Pinterest manager? Pinterest is the 15th most used social media platform so if a business is not using Pinterest they are missing out big time.

Many businesses and individuals are now recognizing the power of Pinterest as a traffic-driving force, especially when compared to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Unlike other social media platforms you get way more organic traffic on Pinterest.

Wouldn’t it be cool to understand how Pinterest works and then earn money by helping businesses grow on Pinterest? That’s where Pinterest Managers come in.

As a Pinterest manager, you will assist businesses in navigating the complexities of Pinterest, from creating visually appealing pins to utilizing keywords and insights effectively.

But what exactly does it take to become a Pinterest Manager? Let’s break it down into simple steps. If you are just starting out or have basic information about Pinterest this guide will take you a step further into Pinterest and help you earn money from Pinterest.

No prior experience? No problem! With the right guidance and determination, you can build you own rewarding and flexible career as a Pinterest Manager. So, if you’re ready to turn your love for Pinterest into a profitable venture, let’s dive in!

An inforgraphic showing how to become a Pinterest manager

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest operates as a visual search engine, allowing you to discover and save content in the form of images and videos called “Pins.” As a Pinterest manager, understanding how Pinterest works is crucial. Users create boards to organize their Pins around specific topics or themes.

When people search for something on Pinterest, they’re presented with Pins related to their query, making it a powerful platform for businesses to showcase their products or services.

Your role as a Pinterest manager involves creating strategic Pins that attract attention and drive traffic. By optimizing Pins with relevant keywords and engaging visuals, you can help businesses reach their target audience effectively.

You can think of Pinterest as Google but instead of giving you text based results, it gives you results in form of images.

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What Is A Pinterest Manager?

So, what exactly is a Pinterest Manager? In simple terms, a Pinterest Manager is someone who takes control of managing a Pinterest account or executing Pinterest marketing tasks on behalf of businesses or individuals.

As a Pinterest manager your primary responsibility is to develop and implement strategies to enhance the presence of the business on the Pinterest.

But what does a Pinterest Manager actually do?

Well, they wear many hats in their role, including:

  1. Strategy Development: A Pinterest Manager creates a comprehensive strategy tailored to the specific goals of the business, whether it’s driving traffic, building brand awareness, or generating sales.
  2. Designing Images: Having know how of design is essential in order to become a Pinterest manager. You don’t need any specialized tools for this you can easily do that with Canva.
  3. Scheduling Pins: Consistency is key on Pinterest. A Pinterest Manager schedules pins strategically to ensure a steady flow of content that aligns with the overall marketing strategy.
  4. Analytics Monitoring: Tracking and analyzing the performance of pins and boards is essential for optimizing strategies. A Pinterest Manager keeps a close eye on analytics to identify trends, measure success, and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Community Engagement: Engaging with the Pinterest community by responding to comments, participating in group boards, and fostering relationships with followers helps build a loyal audience.
  6. Pinterest Ads Management: Utilizing Pinterest’s advertising platform to create and manage ads is another aspect of a Pinterest Manager’s role. They may develop ad campaigns to reach new audiences and drive conversions.
  7. Client Communication: For freelance Pinterest Managers, effective communication with clients is essential. They collaborate closely with businesses to understand their objectives, provide updates on progress, and adjust strategies as needed.

Why Do Businesses Hire Pinterest Managers?

So, why do people or businesses hire a Pinterest Manager?

The primary reason for any individual or business is to grow and reach more people.

Here’s why you might be getting hired as a Pinterest manager.

  1. Business Growth: Pinterest serves as a powerful platform for businesses to expand their reach and attract potential customers.

When businesses hire you they will want you to use the platform’s visual search engine capabilities to connect with their target audience, solve their problems, and inspire them with valuable content.

  1. Time-saving: Running a business involves juggling numerous tasks, and managing a Pinterest account can be time-consuming.

Hiring a Pinterest Manager allows business owners to offload the responsibility of Pinterest marketing, freeing up their time to focus on other core aspects of their business operations.

  1. Strategic Expertise: As a Pinterest Manager you will bring specialized expertise in developing and executing effective Pinterest marketing strategies.

You need to understand the nuances of the platform, including pin design, keyword optimization, and audience targeting, to drive optimal results for businesses.

  1. Traffic Generation: Pinterest is a significant source of website traffic for many businesses. Pinterest Managers play a crucial role in driving traffic to the business’s website or online store.
  2. Sales Generation: Ultimately, businesses hire Pinterest Managers with the aim of increasing sales and revenue.
  3. Efficient Campaign Management: Pinterest Managers handle all aspects of Pinterest marketing, from pin creation to campaign management.

Their expertise ensures that campaigns are executed efficiently, with a focus on maximizing return on investment and achieving business objectives.

Skills You Need To Become A Pinterest Manager

So, what does it take to become a Pinterest manager, you ask? Well, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t need a fancy degree. Instead, it’s all about having the right set of skills to excel in the role.

  • Strong written communication skills are a must. You’ll be crafting engaging pin descriptions, captions, and messages to attract and connect with your audience. Plus, being able to clearly convey ideas is essential when collaborating with clients and team members.
  • Good organizational skills are very important. With multiple clients, projects, and deadlines to juggle, staying organized is key to keeping everything running smoothly.
  • But it’s not all about being organized – creativity is also a must-have skill for any Pinterest manager. From designing eye-catching pins to brainstorming new campaign ideas, creativity will help you stand out in the crowded world of Pinterest marketing.
  • Of course, a passion for social media is essential. If you’re already spending hours scrolling through Pinterest in your free time, why not turn that passion into a career?
  • Last but not least, basic graphic design skills are a huge asset. While you don’t need to be a Photoshop whiz, having some knowledge of design principles and tools like Canva will allow you to create professional-looking pins that capture attention and drive engagement.
how much does a Pinterest manager make

How Much Does A Pinterest Manager Make?

Let’s talk about the big question: how much can you actually make as a Pinterest manager?

Well, the truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your earnings will depend on a variety of factors, such as your level of experience, the scope of work, and even your location. But don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you.

If you’re just starting out, you might be looking at rates ranging from $15 to $20 per hour. This is pretty typical for beginners, as you build up your skills and portfolio. But don’t let that discourage you – with time and experience, you can easily bump up your rates to $50 per hour or more.

Now, if you’re offering monthly packages instead of hourly rates, you could be looking at anywhere from $300 to $2000 per month. Again, it all depends on the services you’re offering and the level of expertise you bring to the table.

Of course, if you’re freelancing, you have even more flexibility when it comes to pricing. You might charge a one-time fee for setting up an account, anywhere from $50 to $1000, depending on the complexity of the project. And for ongoing management, monthly packages could range from less than $100 to as high as $3000.

And let’s not forget about Pinterest ads management – this is where things can get really lucrative. Rates for managing Pinterest ads typically start at around $500 per month and can go up to $2500 or more, depending on the size of the campaign and the level of expertise required.

Now, if you’re offering consulting or coaching services, you could be looking at hourly rates ranging from $20 to $500 or more. And yes, I’ve even heard of a couple of top-tier consultants charging a jaw-dropping $3000 per hour – but hey, they’ve got the track record to back it up.

This ca give you a rough idea of how much you should be expecting to make when starting out your own career in Pinterest management.

How To Become A Pinterest Manager?

Alright, let’s talk about how you can  become a Pinterest manager. It’s a role in high demand, but to really stand out and land those clients, you need to bring your A-game. So, here’s the lowdown on how to make it happen.

First off, it’s important to recognize that this isn’t an overnight transformation. It’s a process that takes time and effort.

Many aspiring Pinterest managers face the same uncertainty when embarking on this journey. But fear not! In this section, I am  going to walk you through the process of becoming a Pinterest manager step by step. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to level up your existing skills, I’ve got you covered.

1.     Know What Freelancing Means

Before we talk about how you can become a Pinterest manager it’s crucial to understand the foundation of freelancing.

While some businesses may require a full-time Pinterest Manager, the reality is that the majority of professionals in this field operate as freelancers, juggling multiple clients simultaneously.

Freelancing offers numerous advantages, including the flexibility to set your own schedule, the ability to select clients that align with your interests, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. You as a freelancer have the autonomy to determine the services you provide and establish your pricing structure.

However, freelancing also comes with its share of challenges. As a freelancer, you’re responsible for marketing yourself, finding clients, and managing your workload.

There’s no guarantee of a steady income, and dealing with difficult clients and navigating pricing negotiations can be demanding.

If you find that the benefits of freelancing outweigh the drawbacks and you aspire to achieve location independence while pursuing a career as a Pinterest Manager. It’s essential to weigh your options carefully and consider whether freelancing aligns with your professional goals.

freelance written on a table with keyboard on the side

2.     Learn About Pinterest

To kickstart your journey towards becoming a proficient Pinterest manager, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the platform inside and out, particularly in the context of business usage. Here are some effective strategies to accomplish this:

Learn From Someone Who Has Experience:

Consider investing in a coach who specializes in Pinterest marketing. A coach can provide valuable guidance, strategic insights, and real-time feedback to accelerate your learning curve.

Choose a coach whose expertise aligns with your goals, whether you aim to establish a freelance business or build a full-fledged agency.

While top coaches may command a significant investment, the knowledge and expertise gained can prove invaluable in acquiring clients and achieving success in Pinterest marketing.

Take a Course:

If hiring a coach isn’t feasible then you can start a Pinterest marketing course instead. Many reputable courses are available at various price points, ranging from a few hundred dollars to free options.

These courses offer structured learning modules, practical tips, and actionable strategies to master Pinterest marketing techniques. You Should explore different courses to find one that suits your learning style and budget.

step 2 to become a Pinterest manager is to learn everything about it

3.     Understand The Basics Of Pinterest

Transitioning from using Pinterest for personal enjoyment to leveraging it for business requires a fundamental shift in your approach.

Before you start your career as a Pinterest manager it is important to know the difference between the two. You should know how to optimize a business page on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it’s crucial to have a solid grasp of key concepts, including:

  1. Converting a Pinterest profile from Personal to Business
  2. Verifying a website with Pinterest
  3. Enabling rich pins to enhance content visibility
  4. Optimizing both Pinterest profiles and images for maximum engagement
  5. Crafting pin descriptions tailored for Pinterest’s algorithm
  6. Curating high-quality Pinterest boards that resonate with your target audience
  7. Identifying and participating in group boards to amplify reach and engagement
  8. Mastering Pinterest Analytics to make informed decisions.
  9. Utilizing automated pin schedulers like Tailwind to streamline workflow and optimize posting schedules

If you feel like these things are too much to learn or are too difficult then Pinterest might not be for you. Cool down! I was trying to motivate you.

It’s crucial to recognize that managing Pinterest for clients is much more than simply resharing familiar content—it requires a strategic approach rooted in content curation, optimization, and SEO strategies tailored for the platform’s unique ecosystem.

4.     Learn About Pinterest Management Tools

There are many tools out there that can help you in Pin creation, scheduling and research but these are some tools that you definitely will need as a Pinterest Manager.

·        Tailwind:

Tailwind serves as an invaluable scheduling tool for Pinterest management, allowing you to efficiently pre-schedule all your client’s pins. This not only streamlines your Pinterest marketing efforts but also simplifies your workflow as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

When you sign up for Tailwind you gain access to comprehensive training videos that guide you through its features and functionalities. Tailwind has revolutionized my Pinterest strategy and remains my top choice for Pinterest management tools.

·        Canva:

For crafting visually stunning and engaging pins, Canva emerges as a go-to platform packed with essential design features. Its user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to create eye-catching pins tailored to your client’s brand aesthetic.

While I prefer Canva Pro for its expanded font library, stock photo options, and additional functionalities, the free version offers enough tools to kickstart your Pinterest marketing journey.

learning about pinterest tools like canva.

·        Pin Inspector:

Pin Inspector is a vital tool for analyzing your client’s competitors, uncovering relevant keywords, and gaining inspiration for pin and board creation.

This tool provides valuable insights into competitor performance, including metrics like monthly views, repins, and saves.

If you study your competitors you will be able to learn what works and you can take inspiration from that to make your client’s account go viral.

Learn more about how to go viral on Pinterest in our guide..

·        Jasper AI:

To elevate your pin description creation process, consider integrating Jasper AI into your toolkit. This AI-powered writing assistant streamlines content creation across various platforms, from blog posts and product descriptions to pin descriptions and social media captions.

Jasper AI saves significant time and effort and helps you to generate compelling and optimized pin descriptions effortlessly.

·        Google Drive / Dropbox:

Efficient organization is key to successful Pinterest management. Utilize cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox to store all client-related assets, including pin images, boards, and other essential data.

These platforms ensure seamless collaboration and easy access to files, facilitating smooth workflow management for both you and your clients.

5.     Read Books and Blogs From Pinterest Experts

Not everyone will be able to invest in courses or hire professionals to learn from but hey! You don’t need to go down that road if you do not have a budget for it. There are great free blogs and courses available from Pinterest experts on the internet that you can go through.

While these blogs and resources online might take more time compared to a well planned courses they still can be as valuable for you as any paid course out there.

You can also go through platforms like Amazon and Scribd which have some great resources related to Pinterest Marketing.

how to learn about pinterest management. Girl reading a book

Get Hands-On Experience:

Courses can help you learn a lot of things but until and unless you do not have hands-on experience you will not be able to become a Pinterest manager. You can start by setting up your own Pinterest account and using it as a sandbox to practice and experiment.

You can target a specific niche of your interest and apply all the learnings from the courses there to see how well you can manage a Pinterest account.

Embrace the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them in a risk-free environment. Remember, it’s better to stumble on your own accounts than on those of your future clients.

You might come across some things that might not have even been discussed in the courses and that is where you will learn a lot more.

6.     Decide On The Services You Will Offer

Before you create your own portfolio for Pinterest manager it is important to decide on the kinds of services you will offer your clients and also the niche you will be targeting. This will help you in branding yourself effectively and also target the right people.

Specialize in Pinterest Marketing:

You can offer an all-in-one Pinterest marketing service that will include things like:

  • Account creation
  • Pin Creation (design)
  • Content writing (headings and descriptions)
  • Pin Scheduling
  • Ads Management
  • Community engagement

By focusing solely on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to rapidly expand your knowledge base and become a sought-after expert in the field.

Businesses seeking top-tier Pinterest marketing services are more likely to choose specialists over those who work on multiple platforms.

Explore All-encompassing Social Media Management:

Becoming a comprehensive social media manager opens doors to a broader spectrum of opportunities. Many businesses prefer working with managers capable of overseeing their entire social media presence, streamlining the process and minimizing the need for multiple hires.

If you offer services across various social media platforms, you not only enhance your marketability but also create opportunities for upselling additional services to clients initially seeking Pinterest management.

what services can you offer as a Pinterest manager.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

For those starting their journey in Pinterest management or seeking to work within a more budget-conscious market segment, becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant can be a good option for you. As a virtual assistant, you’ll provide a range of Pinterest management services tailored to small businesses and freelancers with limited budgets.

This role can then slowly transition you into a full time Pinterest manager role.

Whether you are freelancing or working for an agency, the role of a Pinterest virtual assistant offers opportunities for growth and skill development.

Specializing In Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads management can be taken as a separate career. By focusing specifically on creating and optimizing Pinterest ad campaigns, you can position yourself as an expert in leveraging paid advertising to drive results for businesses. T

his niche specialization can allow you to polish your skills in crafting compelling ad creatives, targeting the right audience segments, and maximizing ad performance metrics.

With the growing demand for effective advertising solutions on Pinterest, specializing in ad management can open doors to opportunities.

Organic Pinterest Manager

Alternatively, dedicating your efforts to organic Pinterest strategy includes creating engaging content, optimizing profiles, and implementing effective growth strategies without relying on paid advertising.

By focusing on organic growth tactics, such as content optimization, community engagement, and strategic pinning strategies, you can help businesses establish a strong presence on Pinterest and drive sustainable long-term results.

Now before you market yourself as a Pinterest manager it is important to identify the types of services you will be providing. This will help you niche down you ideal clients and you can easily find them.

7.     Market Yourself

Now that you’ve equipped yourself with the necessary skills and tools, it’s time to market your services to attract your ideal clients.

Here’s how to effectively reach out and establish your presence in the Pinterest management space:

Leverage Your Network:

Start by reaching out to your existing network, including friends, family, and current clients, to inform them about your Pinterest management services.

You can utilize platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or email to connect with potential clients within your network.

Conduct Targeted Outreach:

Expand your reach by conducting targeted outreach to businesses and individuals who could benefit from your Pinterest management services.

Consider cold pitching via email to prospects in your chosen niche or industry. Find business CEOs or managers on LinkedIn and send them a DM. Craft personalized messages highlighting the value you can bring to their Pinterest strategy and how their business can benefit from Pinterest.

girl on laptop trying to find Pinterest management clients

Offer Beta Services:

To get clients as a new Pinterest manager consider offering beta services to your early clients at a discounted rate.

Frame these services as a trial or testing phase, allowing clients to experience the benefits of your expertise while providing you with valuable learning opportunities. This approach can help you build your portfolio and testimonials while refining your skills.

Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms:

Use the power of social media and online platforms to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients. Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to share valuable content related to Pinterest marketing, engage with relevant communities, and position yourself as a knowledgeable authority in the field.

Join Facebook groups dedicated to hiring virtual assistants, freelancers, and Pinterest managers to network and discover potential opportunities.

Continuous Marketing Efforts:

You should recognize that marketing is an ongoing process essential for sustaining and growing your Pinterest management business. Continuously promote your services through various channels, including social media, networking events, and online job platforms like Upwork.

Consistent marketing efforts will help you expand your client base and establish a thriving business over time.

8.     Create A Portfolio Website

Now that you have learned everything about Pinterest and have some knowledge of how things work its time to get into marketing yourself as a Pinterest manager.

Here’s how to effectively create a compelling online presence to market your Pinterest management services:

Choose Between a Website or Landing Page: While having a dedicated website can enhance your professional image, starting with a simple landing page can be enough, especially in the initial stages of your business.

If you already have a website showcasing your freelance services, consider adding a new page specifically outlining your Pinterest management offerings.

Understand Your Target Audience: Before crafting your landing page, ensure you have a clear understanding of your target audience and their specific needs. Tailor your messaging and offerings to resonate with your ideal clients.

creating a portfolio website as a pinterest manager

Key Elements of Your Landing Page:

  • Header + Sub-header: Clearly communicate the value you offer and what problem you solve for your clients.
  • Problem-Solution Framework: Identify your client’s pain points and outline how your Pinterest management services provide solutions.
  • Showcase Your Experience: Highlight your relevant experience and success stories even if it’s from building your own Pinterest account or practicing on a friend’s.
  • Service Offerings: Present your Pinterest management services with clear packages and pricing options.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Encourage potential clients to take action by booking a call with you to discuss your services further.
  • Bonus Incentives: Consider offering a freebie or downloadable resource to capture leads and build your email list for future marketing efforts.

Embrace Simplicity and Iteration:

Remember, your website or landing page doesn’t need to be perfect from the start. Focus on creating a simple yet impactful design that effectively communicates your value proposition. You can always refine and update your site over time as your business evolves.

Utilize Social Media:

In addition to your website, leverage social media platforms to further promote your Pinterest management services and engage with potential clients.

Showcase your expertise through valuable content, interact with your audience, and expand your reach within relevant communities.

9.     Work For Free

Yes, I know you might be thinking WHAT? As a beginner the best way to build your portfolio would be to work for free for a few clients. If you deliver them results you can always ask them to give you a monthly or weekly salary and guess what? You are delivering results so they won’t say no!

Offering your services for free to a prominent brand within your niche can be a strategic move to build your portfolio and attract paying clients.

Imagine you’re passionate about health and fitness, and you aspire to establish yourself as a sought-after Pinterest manager in this industry.

First, identify the specific business segment you want to target, such as fitness influencers, wellness bloggers, or online supplement stores.

Next, scout for a reputable company within your chosen niche that does not have any Pinterest presence.

For instance, you might come across a growing wellness brand specializing in organic supplements that hasn’t tapped into Pinterest’s potential.

Reach out to the brand with a compelling proposal outlining how you can help them establish and grow their presence on Pinterest.

Offer to create and manage their Pinterest account for a specified period, during which you’ll implement tailored strategies to drive engagement, increase website traffic, and boost sales conversions.

Work closely with the brand to understand its unique goals, target audience, and branding preferences.

Design and execute a comprehensive Pinterest marketing campaign, using visuals, keyword optimization, and strategic pinning schedules to maximize results.

As you implement your strategies track and measure the outcomes, including metrics like website traffic, pin engagement, and sales generated from Pinterest referrals.

Once you’ve achieved significant results and demonstrated the impact of your efforts, compile your findings into a compelling case study showcasing the brand’s success story on Pinterest.

Highlight key achievements, such as substantial increases in monthly viewers, pin saves, and website visits, accompanied by visually appealing graphics and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Use this case study as a powerful tool to showcase your expertise and proven track record when approaching potential clients in the health and fitness industry.

10.   Scale Your Pinterest Management Business

Now that you have worked with clients and have a portfolio it’s time to scale your Pinterest management business.

Expanding and scaling your Pinterest management business is an exciting phase that allows you to leverage your time and resources more efficiently.

Unlike other professions where your time is limited, being a Pinterest Manager offers unique opportunities for growth and scalability.

Consider this scenario: Suppose you aspire to become a life coach. Clients pay for one-on-one sessions with you, and your availability determines the extent to which you can expand your business. However, as a Pinterest Manager, your business model isn’t constrained by the limitations of your time.

One of the remarkable things about being a Pinterest Manager is the potential to delegate tasks and outsource responsibilities as your business grows. This means you can continue attracting new clients while delegating some of the workload to trained assistants or team members. By doing so, you effectively multiply your capacity to serve clients and increase your revenue streams.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pinterest Manager?

As a beginner it might take you around 3 – 5 months with practice to become a good entry-level Pinterest manager but depending on the level of commitment and the amount of time you devote to learning it might take more or less.

To achieve genuine success in this role, ongoing dedication and effort are essential. You should be staying on top of the recent features, trends and algorithm changes in Pinterest to maintain relevance and effectiveness in managing clients’ accounts.

Challenges Faced By Pinterest Managers

While a career as a Pinterest manager in my opinion is one of the best things to happen but there are some challenges that you need to be aware of which are:

  1. Algorithm Changes: Pinterest frequently updates its algorithm, requiring managers to adapt strategies quickly.
  2. Content Creation: Generating engaging content consistently demands time and effort.
  3. Platform Saturation: Standing out among competitors becomes increasingly challenging.
  4. Pin Performance Tracking: Monitoring pin performance and adjusting strategies require analytical skills.
  5. Client Expectations: Managing client expectations, especially regarding results timeframe, can be challenging.
  6. Keeping Up with Trends: Staying updated on Pinterest trends is essential but time-consuming.
  7. Client Communication: Effective communication with clients demands strong interpersonal skills.
  8. Time Management: Balancing multiple client accounts necessitates efficient time management.
  9. Competition: Differentiating and attracting clients in a crowded market is challenging.


Becoming a Pinterest Manager opens doors to exciting opportunities, but it’s not without its challenges. From mastering the platform’s intricacies to meeting client expectations, there’s a lot to learn and manage. However, with dedication, continuous learning, and strategic marketing, you can build a successful career in this field.

Remember, starting as a freelancer allows flexibility, but scaling your business is where the real growth potential lies.

And while it may take some time to establish yourself, the journey is worth it. Make sure that you dedicate time for learning and practicing as that will make you stand out in the crowd of Pinterest managers.