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Pinterest Idea Pin Vs Pin Which One To Use?


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Are you confused about Pinterest idea pin vs pin?  If you have been using Pinterest for a while you might have noticed two different kinds of Pins. Idea Pins and regular pins. With the introduction of Idea Pins, formerly known as Story Pins, many creators are left wondering which type of pin is more beneficial for their content.

In this article, we will explore the differences between Pinterest Idea Pins and regular Pins, and help you decide which one to use for your Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest Idea Pin vs Pin

What Are Pinterest Idea Pins?

Pinterest Idea Pins are a newer format introduced by Pinterest that allows you to share more dynamic and interactive content. Idea Pins are meant to inspire and engage your users, with features like video, text overlay, and music.

Idea Pins are similar to Instagram Stories, but they live on Pinterest permanently and can be saved to boards like regular pins.

What Are Regular Pins?

Regular pins or just pins are the traditional pins on Pinterest that consist of an image, a title, and a description.

Regular pins are static and are typically used to showcase  your products, recipes, articles, or inspiration. Regular pins are great for driving traffic to your website and increasing your brand awareness.
Key Differences Between Idea Pins and Regular Pins.

FeaturePinterest PinsPinterest Idea Pins
FormatSingle static images or videosMultimedia, interactive format
PurposeShowcase products, services, or contentShare creative stories, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes
LengthLimited to one image or videoMultiple pages or scenes, with text and effects
EngagementFocus on likes, shares, and commentsEmphasize engagement with immersive storytelling
VisibilityAppear in the main Pinterest feed and boardsFeatured prominently at the top of Pinterest profiles
Creation ToolsCan be created using various design softwareDesigned and edited within the Pinterest app
AnalyticsBasic performance metrics like views and savesDetailed insights on interactions and completion rates
Call to ActionLimited to basic buttons or linksIncorporate interactive elements for direct actions
Brand AwarenessEffective for showcasing branded contentEnhance brand storytelling and personality
Audience ReachReach a broad audience through search and feedsTarget followers and engage with a dedicated audience
CustomizationLimited customization options for appearanceExtensive creative freedom with multimedia elements
table showing the difference between Pinterest Idea pin vs pin


Idea Pins are more interactive and engaging than regular pins. They allow you to showcase your content in a more creative and visually appealing way, which can attract more engagement from users.


Idea Pins are shown to more users on Pinterest, as they are featured prominently on the platform. Regular pins also have their place on Pinterest, but Idea Pins are prioritized in the algorithm. We have seen with over 50 client accounts that posting idea pins got far more compared to posting regular pins.

Girl in white dress with an ipad scrolling through Pinterest. Pinterest Idea Pin Vs Pin


Idea Pins live on Pinterest permanently and can be saved to boards, while regular pins can easily get buried in the feed. Idea Pins have a longer shelf life and can continue to drive engagement over time.

Who Should Use Regular Pins?

If you want to showcase your products or services then the traditional pins are going to be the best option for you. Here is a list of different categories who can use traditional pins:

  1. E-commerce Businesses: Regular Pins are suitable for e-commerce businesses looking to promote products directly. They’re effective for driving traffic to product pages and encouraging sales.
  2. Service-based Businesses: if your business offers services like consulting, coaching, or freelancing the you can use Regular Pins to highlight your expertise and attract potential clients.
  3. Bloggers and Publishers: If you are a blogger or publisher then you can use Regular Pins to promote blog posts, articles, and other written content. They’re useful for driving traffic to your blog websites and increasing readership.
  4. Local Businesses: Local businesses, such as restaurants, salons, and retail stores, can use Regular Pins to showcase offerings, promotions, and events to local customers.
  5. Affiliate Marketers: If you are into Pinterest affiliate marketing then you should consider going for the traditional Pinterest pins as they will help you showcase your products more effectively.
Pinterest Ecommerce

Who Should Use Idea Pins?

If you are a brand that wants to connect with their followers on a deeper level then I would recommend you to go for Idea Pins. Idea pins will help you share an engaging brand story with your followers and can drive more engagement and followers.

Here are some businesses that can use Idea Pins:

  1. Content Creators and Influencers: Idea Pins are ideal for content creators and influencers who want to share engaging, interactive content with their audience. Whether it’s DIY tutorials, fashion lookbooks, or travel guides you should definitely go for Idea Pins
  2. Brands and Businesses: If your Businesses is looking to showcase products, services, and brand stories in a visually captivating manner then you can benefit from Idea Pins.
  3. Event Promoters: If you have an event coming up or a webinar then idea pins can help you generate a buzz!
  4. Educators and Nonprofits: Idea Pins provide educators and nonprofits with a platform to share educational content, fundraising initiatives, and awareness campaigns in an engaging format. This can help you generate engagement on the platform and give you a boost.
  1. Artists and Creatives: Artists, designers, and photographers can use Idea Pins to showcase portfolios, creative processes, and recent projects. They’re perfect for sharing step-by-step tutorials and artistic techniques.
  2. Travel and Hospitality Industry: Businesses in the travel and hospitality sector can use Idea Pins to showcase destinations, travel tips, and local experiences. They’re great for inspiring wanderlust and engaging with the audience.
  3. Recipe Developers and Food Bloggers: Idea Pins are well-suited for sharing recipes, cooking tutorials, and meal ideas. They allow you to showcase your recipes, cooking tips, and ingredient spotlights.
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Pros and Cons of Traditional Pins on Pinterest


  1. Direct Traffic: Regular Pins support outbound links, allowing you to drive traffic directly to your websites, product pages, or blog posts, and can help you in lead generation and sales conversion.
  2. Efficient Creation: Creating Regular Pins is relatively quick and straightforward, requiring minimal time and resources compared to Idea Pins.
  3. SEO Benefits: Regular Pins contribute to your overall SEO strategy, as you can optimize them with relevant keywords, descriptions, and hashtags.


  1. Limited Engagement: Regular Pins may have lower engagement rates compared to Idea Pins, as they lack immersive storytelling.
  2. Algorithm Changes: Pinterest’s algorithm updates may impact the visibility and performance of Regular Pins. This means that you should be keeping yourself up to date with the latest Pinterest updates
  3. Visual Competition: With millions of pins being added daily, Regular Pins face stiff competition for user attention in the Pinterest feed.

Pros and Cons of Idea Pins on Pinterest


  1. Interactive Storytelling: Idea Pins allow for immersive storytelling through a series of images, videos, text overlays, and interactive elements, enabling you to engage your audience in a more dynamic way.
  2. Increased Visibility: Pinterest prioritizes Idea Pins in the feed and search results, giving them greater visibility and exposure to a wider audience compared to Regular Pins.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Idea Pins have a longer lifespan than Regular Pins, as they can be continuously edited and updated with new content.
  4. Engagement Metrics: You can track engagement metrics such as views, saves, and comments on Idea Pins, providing valuable insights into audience preferences and content performance.
An ipad with Pinterest app scrolling through pins


  1. Time-Consuming Creation: Crafting high-quality Idea Pins with engaging content and interactive features can be time-consuming.
  2. Limited Linking: Unlike Regular Pins, Idea Pins do not support outbound links directly within the pin, limiting your ability to drive traffic to external websites or landing pages.
  3. Learning Curve: You may experience a learning curve when transitioning to Idea Pins, as they require familiarity with the platform’s creative tools and features for optimal utilization.


The choice between Pinterest Idea Pins and regular Pins depends on your specific goals and target audience. Both pin types offer distinct advantages and limitations, and understanding these is crucial for crafting an effective Pinterest strategy.

If you’re looking to engage your audience with immersive storytelling and dynamic content, Idea Pins may be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if your primary objective is to drive traffic to your website or promote products and services directly, regular pins may be more suitable.

The key is to experiment with both pin types and analyze their performance to determine which aligns best with your objectives.


Can I use both Idea Pins and regular pins on my Pinterest account?
Yes, you can use both Idea Pins and regular pins on your Pinterest account to diversify your content and reach a wider audience.
Do Idea Pins have analytics like regular pins?
Yes. Idea Pins have their own analytics that show you how your content is performing and how users are engaging with it.
Can Idea Pins be promoted like regular pins?

Yes, you can promote Idea Pins just like regular pins to reach a larger audience and drive more engagement.
Are Idea Pins better for engagement than regular pins?
Idea Pins are often more engaging than regular pins due to their interactive and dynamic nature.
Do Idea Pins have a higher chance of going viral than regular pins?

Idea Pins have the potential to go viral on Pinterest due to their engaging content and visibility on the platform.