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What Is A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?


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If you are here you might have asked yourself what is a Pinterest virtual assistant? What skills are required to become a Pinterest virtual assistant? How can I become a Pinterest virtual assistant?

In simple words, a Pinterest virtual assistant is someone who creates pins for clients and posts those pins using Pinterest SEO to drive traffic to website and increase brand awareness.

If you are someone who wants a flexible work from home job that also pays well then you can easily become a Pinterest virtual assistant. You don’t need to have tons of knowledge about SEO or graphic design to become a virtual assistant.

In my opinion anyone can master the art of Pinterest within just a few weeks. Pinterest virtual assistants are in high demand especially for E-Commerce businesses and bloggers because these people don’t have the extra time to manage yet another platform and this is where your job will come in.

In this article, we will talk about the roles and responsibilities of Pinterest virtual assistant and the skills required to become successful in this field.

So let’s not wait any longer and start off!

What Is A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?


Before we talk about Pinterest virtual assistant I think it is important to tell you what a virtual assistant really is and what they do.

Businesses usually have a lot of tasks to handle and they cannot afford a full-time on-site employee to complete those tasks because this will become quite expensive for them. In such situations, they usually hire people to do the routine and usually repetitive tasks for them.

Virtual assistants usually work from home and are paid hourly rates or monthly salaries that are usually lower than hiring an onsite employee. The benefit for businesses is that they can hire people from anywhere around the world meaning that sometimes they can find people for much cheaper rates compared to their home country.

This not only saves businesses some money but also gets their job done. Virtual assistants can have hundreds of different responsibilities but the common ones are:

  • Email Management
  • Blog management
  • Social media management
  • Customer service
  • Online chat
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Creating presentations
  • Making travel arrangements

And the list can go on and on. People usually specialize in two to three of these and then offer these services to businesses.

pinterest virtual assistant using pinterest app


A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone who creates and manages Pinterest accounts for businesses and ensures that their Pins get the highest reach and traffic on the platform which can be converted into sales or website visits.

This role will require you to put on multiple hats at the same time which will include Graphic design, SEO, management, and knowledge of some tools like Pinterest trends, Tailwind and Canva.

The Pinterest virtual assistant will need to study the brand and then devise strategies, designs, keywords, and boards that will help the brand standout and get attention. Now this can include multiple things like:

  • Creating Pinterest accounts.
  • Connecting the accounts with website.
  • Finding relevant keywords for the name and description of the account
  • Designing pins
  • Scheduling pins
  • Organizing boards
  • Analyzing and reporting the analytics

Before starting to work on any Pinterest account you need to know what the business wants to achieve through Pinterest. Is it website visits? Is it sales? Or is it just brand awareness?

Whatever the goals of the business are you can set your KPIs accordingly to report the analytics.

Let’s take an example here. If you are a Pinterest virtual assistant for a blogger then their goal is most probably going to be to get more traffic. To do so you will need to create pins with texts that people will want to read more about.

You will want as many outbound clicks as possible and for reporting you will report the number of outbound clicks which is going to be your KPI.

What makes Pinterest virtual assistant unique is that you will have to specialize in just only one platform and you will be able to make a living off that quite easily.

pinterest desktop app half screen

Benefits of Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you are a business owner then you need to know how hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant will help you achieve your goals but before that, you need to answer one important question and that is:

Is my audience on Pinterest?

If you think that your target customers are present actively on Pinterest then here are the benefits of hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant:

  • Expertise and Specialization
    • The virtual assistant will have Platform knowledge and know about the best Pinterest practices.
    • They will be able to Develop and implement effective content strategies which will take you weeks to figure out.
  • Time Efficiency
    • They will save you hundreds of hours of Creation of Pinterest pins.
    • If you handle Pinterest on your own you might miss out on consistent scheduling and posting
  • SEO and Traffic Generation
    • Pinterest virtual Assistants know the effective use of keywords for enhanced searchability
  • Analytics and Performance Tracking
    • They will provide you with strategies and data-driven suggestions to help you improve your performance
  • Enhanced Brand Presence
    • If you want to grow on Pinterest you will need to engage with followers and other relevant content which is time-consuming.
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    • Flexible hiring options: part-time, full-time, or project-based
    • Reduced overhead costs compared to full-time employees
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Pinterest virtual assistants will help you analyze competitors and identify areas of improvement

This list can go on and on but the major things are cost savings, time savings and also enhanced brand image and awareness.

Skills You Need To Become a Pinterest VA

You don’t need to have years of experience to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. However, there are some skills that you must have or else why would someone hire you?

Here are some skills that in my opinion are a must have for Pinterest virtual assistants:

  • Understanding of the Pinterest platform including features, tools and the Pinterest algorithm.
  • Knowledge of the Pinterest business account and its functionalities.
  • Knowledge of either Canva or Photoshop for pin creation.
  • Knowing how to research and use keywords on Pinterest.
  • Deep understanding of Pinterest analytics and how to report them to clients.
  • Time management to meet deadlines and get things done on time.

If you have these skills you can start offering your services as a Pinterest virtual assistant but if you want to set yourself apart you can have some complementary skills too which are:

  • Understanding of broader social media marketing strategies.
  • Knowledge of branding principles and maintaining visual consistency.
  • Strong communication skills for interacting with clients.
  • Ability to build and nurture a community around the brand.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to new tools and strategies.
  • Strong problem-solving skills to address any issues or challenges.

If you have these complementary skills then you can demand higher prices from clients for your knowledge and expertise.

pinterest boards by pinterest virtual assistant

How Much Can You Make As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

The best thing about becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is that you can set your own prices according your experience and expertise.

Most of the Pinterest virtual assistants work on hourly rates and I have seen beginners demanding somewhere between $25-$35 per hour while the people who have years of experience usually demand around $100 – $150 per hour.

You can create different packages and offer them at different prices. For example one package could be about account and pin creation only. One can include these two along with scheduling and title and description writing and so on.

There is no limit to how much you can make as a Pinterest virtual assistant if you have experience you can live a luxury life just by becoming a Pinterest VA.

Is There a Demand for Pinterest Virtual Assistants?

Let’s put it this way. There are thousands of blogs on the internet and hundreds created each and everyday. Most of the new blogs are run by people who have full time jobs and they don’t have time to market their business on Pinterest.

This is where you can identify the gap and grab the opportunity. With so many websites and blogs the demand for Pinterest virtual assistants can only increase.

Who Can Become A Pinterest VA?

Only having the right skills is not enough to become a Pinterest virtual assistant because there are a lot of things you need to consider. The most important thing is the availability of time and being near a good internet connection. If you have those two then you can have a chance to become a Pinterest virtual assistant but here are some additional things:

  • Social Media Enthusiasts: Passionate about using Pinterest and other social platforms.
  • Freelancers: Individuals seeking flexible, remote work opportunities.
  • Marketing Students/Graduates: Those with a background in marketing looking to specialize.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents: Seeking a flexible job they can do from home.
  • Creatives: Graphic designers, bloggers, or photographers wanting to monetize their skills.
  • Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into a new, dynamic field.
  • Small Business Owners: Those wanting to expand their services or enhance their own Pinterest presence.

What Equipment Do You Need To Become A Pinterest VA?

Unlike other professions like graphic design and video editing or photography you don’t need any high end devices to start your Pinterest VA journey. It comes down to just a few important things which are:

  • Reliable Computer: A desktop or laptop with sufficient processing power and memory.
  • High-Speed Internet: Reliable internet connection for online work.
  • Design Software: Tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator for creating visually appealing pins.
  • Communication Tools: Software like Zoom, Skype, or Slack for client meetings and communications.
  • Backup Storage: External hard drive or cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) for saving work and important files.

If you are a student or even someone who works a full time you might already have most of these things so all you need is just a bit of Pinterest knowledge and you are good to go.


A Pinterest virtual assistant is responsible for all the things related to Pinterest on the clients account from pins to engagements to design.

Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is not difficult at all and the best part is you don’t need a specific background to become one. You can learn almost everything on YouTube and start with a practice account which can later work as your portfolio.

If you are dedicated I think you will be able to learn everything about Pinterest in just a few weeks. So why wait? Start learning today and become the next Pinterest virtual assistant!