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How To Promote Etsy Shop On Pinterest In 2024


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Are you an Etsy shop owner? Are you struggling to get traffic to your Etsy shop? Do you want to know How To Promote Etsy Shop On Pinterest?

If your answer to any of the questions is a YES then you are in the right place. When we talk about fashion, photography or DIY the platforms that come to our mind are usually Instagram and Pinterest.

But, lets be honest here getting organic traffic on Instagram is just not possible anymore. If you own an Etsy shop and you are using organic Facebook or Instagram marketing then chances are you might just give up really soon.

But I don’t want you to give up yet. You can use Pinterest to increase your Etsy shop traffic and get more sales.

Pinterest is a goldmine for any online store out there and if you get things right the traffic from Pinterest alone can help you get hundreds of sales on Etsy.

So let’s not confuse you anymore and get into how you can promote your Etsy store on Pinterest.

How To Promote Etsy Shop On Pinterest In 2024

What Is Pinterest?

If you are here then you probably already know what Pinterest is. Most people think that Pinterest is a social media platform but in reality it is not.

Surprising right?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Just like you search anything on Google and get a bunch of text based results. But Pinterest will only give you visual results.

Pinterest lets you share images and videos but unlike other platforms, it gives you the ability to link each image or video to your online store, website, or blog.

This enables you to drive traffic and conversions through Pinterest on your desired platform.

To give you a rough idea Pinterest currently has over 498 million active users. That’s a huge market of potential customers that you might miss if you don’t use Pinterest.

1 in 3 of the Pinterest shoppers have an annual income of $100,000 or more.

I guess that would be enough to know that you should be using Pinterest for your Etsy store.

pinterest logo

Why You Should Use Pinterest For Etsy?

Organic growth is dead on almost all social media platforms except Pinterest. I was able to grow my account to more than 100k visitors per month and all of it totally organic.

So why should you use Pinterest for Etsy?

Firstly, Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing platforms and its users are increasing every single day. The more the users the more your chances for getting sales.

Pinterest users tend to spend more compared to Facebook. A user on Pinterest spends $40 while that of Pinterest spends $80. They not only spend more but also buy more.

Pins Have A Longer Life

A tweet on Twitter might disappear in just minutes while an Instagram post will live for a few hours but a Pinterest pin can appear in search results months after it was posted. Forget about months I have seen pins from 2020 appear in my search results.

Pinterest Is A Search Engine

As Pinterest operates as a search engine your products have a higher chance of conversions compared to those on Facebook or Instagram. Why?

On those platforms, you are pushing your ads Infront of people who might not even be interested in buying while on Pinterest you reach people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Pinterest Is Visual

As a visual platform, you will have the ability to showcase your product easily. Pinterest offers several different pin sizes helping you showcase your product in different settings.

Setting Up Your Pinterest To Promote Etsy Store?

I will assume that you already have an Etsy store and you have all your products listed there. If this is the case now we are just left with setting up your Pinterest account to promote your Etsy products.

So before you start promoting your products on Pinterest here is what you should be doing:

You Cannot Claim Your Etsy Account On Pinterest

In the past, you were able to directly connect Pinterest account to your Etsy store. Things have changed now and you no longer can link your Etsy store to Pinterest.

Now if you run across any video or blog telling you to claim your Etsy shop account you should know that the advice is outdated.

Convert To Business Account

Once you have created your Pinterest account head to the settings section and convert your account into a business account.

This will let Pinterest know that you are a business and will help you avoid any bans from the platform.

Business account have shown to get more reach compared to personal accounts and this will also allow you to add links to your Etsy links on Pinterest.

And it’s free so why not take the extra step?

Complete Your Profile

A complete profile will give a signal to the Pinterest algorithm that the account is genuine. If you do not have a complete Pinterest profile your reach will be effected drastically.

Here are some things that you should be adding to your Pinterest profile for Etsy store:

  • Profile Name With keywords of your niche
  • A short bio about your Etsy store and what people can expect when they click on your Etsy link.
  • Business contact information like email address or phone.
  • A cover photo that showcases visually what your products are about.

Customers are likely to trust profiles that have complete information. If you visit an online store that has no logo or no clear information about contact will you buy from it? I guess not.

Make Your Profile Standout

There are thousands of Etsy sellers on Pinterest which means that you will have to provide something unique to your viewers to make them click and buy from you.

Here are some things that you can do to make your profile stand and get more sales on Pinterest for your Etsy store:

  • Use consistent designs and colors to give your profile a professional look.
  • Incorporate keywords into your bio, descriptions, and titles of pins.
  • Showcase your products clearly so the users know exactly what to expect.
  • The links from Pinterest should directly go to the product page not to your store home page.
  • Use fonts that stand out in the Pinterest feed and use larger-size fonts.
  • Mention how your product will make the user’s life easy.
pinterest mobile for etsy

Create Multiple Pinterest Boards

When you search for a product on Pinterest you not only see pins in the search results but you also see a ton of boards. This means that boards are just as important as pins. If you don’t know what boards are then let me tell you.

Boards are simply used to categorize your pins on Pinterest. You can think of them as playlists. Each board should have a unique theme and inside each board should be pins from each category.

If you have an Etsy store you most probably will have multiple different products. You should create dedicated boards for each product. Let’s suppose you are selling flowers then you should have board names like red flowers, white flowers, and flowers for weeding.

I would suggest you to have at least 5 – 8 when starting out on Pinterest. Let me tell you a few important things related to boards.

Firstly, you boards should not have generic names like flowers. This is too broad of a category and your chances of appearing in search results will be quite low.

Use keyword research to identify board names. You can search for your industry-related keyword in Pinterest and then analyze the search results. The boards that appear in the search can give you an idea of what kind of names you should be using for your Pinterest boards.

Avoid using names that no one will search for. While naming is important having cute or catchy names might not get your boards anywhere.

How To Get Good Results With Your Boards For Etsy Shop?

To get good reach and engagement on your Pinterest boards for Etsy shop you can do the following:

  • Create high-quality visuals and add them to relevant boards. Don’t mix the content in your boards.
  • Add large text to your pins so that the text is visible in the feed.
  • Use colors that are warm or calming to get more attention.
  • Use keywords in the board titles and names.
  • Make sure you do not have any broken links.
  • Use clear images of the products you are promoting.
  • Use a 2:3 aspect ratio (e.g., 1000 x 1500 pixels) for pins. This aspect ratio is loved by Pinterest and can help you get more reach.
online shopping on etsy through pinterest

Tips for Beginners to Promote Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Here are some tips that will help you get more sales on Pinterest and promote your Etsy shop:

  • Add Text Overlays: Include text overlays to highlight key features or benefits of your product.
  • Vertical Format: Pinterest favors vertical images (2:3 aspect ratio). Ensure your pins are optimized for this format.
  • Rich Pins: Enable Rich Pins to pull in more information from your Etsy listings, making your pins more informative.
  • Consistency Is Key: Pinterest loves fresh content they do not want people to see old posts that were posted months ago. You should create a Pinterest schedule and stick to it. You can start with 1 pin per day and then slowly increase as you start seeing results.
  • Use USG Content: User-generated content will help you get more results compared to graphics or animations. You can tell customers to share images of your products or record short videos giving feedback about your product.
  • Use Real Images: When people buy things they want to see the real products before making a purchase. Avoid using stock images and try to take pictures of your products in different settings and use those.
  • Observe and Implement: You cannot always avoid mistakes but you can learn from your competitor’s mistakes and avoid those. Search for your niche on Pinterest and visit the top pages. Observe how they use images, text, keywords, titles and descriptions. This will give you an idea of what your target audience responds well to.
  • Engage and Grow: One of the easiest ways to grow on Pinterest is to engage with others in your niche. If you have a board about red flowers you can repin images from other accounts into your board and guess what? Pinterest loves this and this will give a boost to your Pinterest boards and Etsy shop.
  • Utilize Free Tools: There are hundreds of free tools that will help you generate good pins and descriptions. As a beginner, your two best friends will be Chatgpt and Canva. These tools helped me grow my Pinterest account from zero to 100k views in just 2 months.

How To Post Pins For Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest?

Pinterest offers several different kinds of pin options and I would recommend you to try all of those at least once because what works for me will not always work for you. Here are some pins that you should be trying:

Product Pins

These are simple straightforward pins in which you include a high-quality image of your Etsy product with a text overlay. Keep in mind that Pinterest can read text from images so make sure it has some niche-related keywords.

Once the pin is made you can upload it or pin it on Pinterest and add a link to the product page.

Rich Pins

These pins provide additional information to users compared to a normal pin on Pinterest. Rich pins usually have high engagement and reach because they provide detailed information on what your Etsy product is about and how it is used.

Another good thing about rich pins is that they are updated automatically. If you make any changes to your product page it will be automatically updated on your Pinterest profile.

You can easily enable rich pins on your Pinterest profile:

  • Get a Pinterest business account
  • Claim your website
  • Add the meta tag to your website
  • Add YOAST SEO to your website and in its social sharing settings enable OPEN GRAPH DATA.
  • There you go you have your rich pins ready.

Video Pins

Just like TikTok and Instagram Pinterest has joined the short video game. This is a great opportunity for Esty shops on Pinterest as it will allow you to provide brief information to customers about the product you are selling.

Make sure to include a text overlay in your Pinterest video pins to get more attention and clicks.

I have personally seen that video pins get a lot more reach compared to regular pins and I would advise you to play around with them as Pinterest is going towards a more video-oriented platform.

How To Promote Etsy Shop on Pinterest

So now you have all the basics covered. Let me take you a step further now and talk about Pinterest SEO.

Don’t worry! It’s simple and straightforward.

As we discussed earlier Pinterest is a search engine which means that your content will appear in the results based on the keywords you use and the intent of those keywords. This takes us to the next important thing which is keyword research.

Keyword Research On Pinterest For Etsy Shop

While this might sound fancy and difficult I guarantee you it’s not!

Keyword research simply means finding words that people use when they search for your product. Your job is to use those words or phrases in your Pinterest bio, description and titles to appear in the search results.

But how do you exactly do that?

Well, you don’t even have to leave Pinterest to do this in fact you already learned about it just a moment ago. You can use the Pinterest search bar to find keywords.

Let’s take an example here. Suppose you want to find keywords for red flowers. You will write this term in the Pinterest search and it will automatically give you a bunch of suggestions. Now all these words are keywords that you can use to make content.

Once you hit enter you will see some more boxes with related keywords at the top. These can also be useful to help you find your next keyword.

pinterest boards for etsy

Use Trends

If you want to grow fast on Pinterest then you have to go after topics that are trending and create fresh content on those topics.

No you don’t have to look for trends on any other website. You can simply use the Pinterest Trends tool to find what is trending.

Use Price Tags

Adding price tags to your pin will give you an advantage. It will help your pins appear in the gifts section of Pinterest. This allows you to reach even a more wider audience and get more sales on your Etsy store.

When you add price tags you can directly link your product on Pinterest to your shop so why not go an extra mile to get more sales?

Use Pinterest Ads

I haven’t played around much with Pinterest ads for Etsy shop because the platform is usually known for its ability to give you organic traffic. If you find out that your ideal audience is on Pinterest then you can definitely start using ads.

How To Create Pinterest Ads For Etsy Store?

The most important aspect of any Pinterest pin or ad is how visually appealing it is. Try to create the best possible visuals to attract customers.

Once you have that done you can move to creating ads.

Once you start creating ads you will have the following options:

  •  Build Awareness. 
  • Increase Consideration. 
  • Boost Conversions. 
  • Enhance Offline Sales.

Now whatever objective you select Pinterest will deliver exactly that. I would recommend going for boost conversions as that is what you want for your store. Or do you want people to just see your pin?

Targeting Options

This one is straightforward. Select the demographics of your ideal customers and their interests. You can also use keyword targeting to see which one works best for you.

Once you have enough data in your Pinterest account you can opt for an actalike audience. This will help Pinterest find audience that have similar characteristics to those people who already purchased from you.

Offer Something Unique

If you want to attract customers for Etsy store on Pinterest or any other platform you should be offering something that is unique, solves a problem or is exclusive.

Whenever you make a store keep these things in mind and your sales will explode not only on Pinterest but on every social media platform.

You Can Be Active On Pinterest Without Pinning

If you do not have content to post on any specific day you might panic. Well, at least I did until I found out that I don’t really need to post on Pinterest in order to show them that I am active on the platform.

You might have seen accounts on Pinterest that do not have many posts yet they do have a huge following. How do they do it? Is there some kind of secret option that we don’t know about?

Ok I am not going to confuse you more. Pinterest rewards you when you are active on Pinterest. This means that if you are liking, commenting, following or repining from other users you will be considered active.

Repining is probably one of the best and easiest way to stay active on Pinterest and get more followers. You can repin posts even from your competitors. If you think that a certain product will be loved by your audience don’t miss the chance and pin it to your board.

What this does is that Pinterest might show your board to people who are interested in a certain topic. If your board has everything they are looking for they might follow you. This way you are actually using pins from your competitors to grow your own account.

So don’t just post and ghost instead try to engage with the community and provide value to your Etsy customers on Pinterest.

Are There Any Downsides To Promoting Your Etsy Shop On Pinterest?

Well, there are no downsides to promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest apart from the ones that are on all social media platforms which include:

  • Your content can be stolen by other people.
  • You are exposed to your competition who can learn from you and try to create better content.
  • staying active and showing up every day to gain traction can be hard.
  • Creating pins regularly can be tiring and time-consuming.


So this wraps up our guide on how to promote Etsy store on Pinterest. You can make a good earning by selling on Etsy but if you want to double your earnings then Pinterest is a great compliment to your Etsy store.

You will have to stay dedicated for a month or two in order to see true results from Pinterest for your Etsy store but I can guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

So what are you waiting for get on Pinterest today and start printing more money!

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